Core De Force!

Today, I wanted to share a passion of mine. I LOVE to workout! I used to work out 6, sometimes 7, days a week before I got married. I enjoyed committing to a program and seeing the changes my body would go through every single day. Mentally it had done wonders! I gained the self confidence that I had lost in the past. After getting married, I got comfortable and stopped trying as hard to stay fit. Then came a baby and now I am back at square ONE! I know I am not alone in this!! Not everyone hit the genetic lottery, and if you did LUCKY you :)!!

It all started with the (very!) intense program called Insanity. Doing that program for 60 days helped me lose 20 pounds. I had tried to do it a year earlier but that didn’t work. I quickly lost motivation and wasn’t seeing results fast enough and so 8 days into the program I stopped. When I tried it the second time around, I found an online community that helped me stick with the program. SIXTY days later, I was 20 pounds lighter and HAPPIER!

Next, I decided to try another program that would help me lean out. In came Chalean Extreme. I lost 13% body fat and LOOKED AMAZING in just 30 DAYS! I was always thin but put on a lot of weight in an unhealthy relationship. To see myself go from unhealthy to healthy was a HUGE WIN!

Because I saw myself change for the better, I decided to help others do the same! I LOVE to help people lose weight, especially moms like myself. There is not enough time in the day to look after ourselves after we’ve used all our energy to take care of our babies as well as families. This is why I enjoy Team Beachbody and their commitment to help everyone lead healthier and more fulfilled lives with short but worthy exercise programs. Each and every program they have are made to engage just about every kind of person. If you are more of a cardio person, they have something you will enjoy and same goes for someone who enjoys strength training.

In 2013, I became a Coach and have since helped many women lead a healthy lifestyle and transform their BODY as well as their MINDS. Today, I am doing the same for myself. I purchased Core De Force by Beachbody and cannot wait to begin!

Core De Force is a 30-45 min workout intermediate program which requires ZERO equipment. This is PERFECT for ANYONE!! It is 30 days in length and inspired by MMA to get rid of belly fat and slash inches off your waist! I have done a workout similar in the past called Les Mills Combat and was surprised by how much I defined my body with NO EQUIPMENT! What I love for beginners with this program is that it includes a MODIFIER who demonstrates the moves at a lower intensity, which means anyone can keep up with the program and still see results.

If you want to lose belly fat and tighten up your midsection as I am trying to do, join me on this journey! There is an investment required to do the program and if YOU ARE READY TO FIGHT for YOURSELF, INVEST IN YOURSELF! I can assure you, you won’t regret it!! You can shoot me an email at or add me on Facebook here and we can chat about your goals and how we can achieve them together!!

I will be starting this program and CANNOT WAIT TO SHARE THE PROGRESS WITH YOU ALL! My goals are to regain core strength and lose 5 inches off my waist! What are your GOALS? LET’S CRUSH THEM TOGETHER. Sign up for FREE to have me COACH you here!




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