Sleep Training

Today my son woke up at 7:30 am and that is when I decided I needed to start sleep training him. It was like having an epiphany! Almost 7 months in is when I started to feel EXHAUSTED…exhaustion was leading to cranky mommy syndrome…and a cranky mommy is no good to anyone.

So, reading up on the Sleep Sense Program and another sample sleep training method someone on my husband’s side of the family was using, I knew what had to be done.

I had to get my son into a routine that I was in control of and not the other way around. This whole time my hubby and I were letting him call the shots for when he wanted to nap or when he was tired enough at night to call it a day. We could not let this go on LOL!

I know a lot of parents start sleep training early around 4 or even 5 months of age. I would’ve started early as well but I had my concerns. Concern 1 was what would we do if we had to go out to a party or dinner; Concern 2 was how would we be able to do this without letting him cry it out; Concern 3 was what if he isn’t ready…

Now I still have the same concerns but sheer exhaustion will make you change your mind! My husband and I decided we would just tell our families that they have to come to our home to watch our son if we need someone to or we would hire a sitter (I know it’s a simple solution and we could’ve come to it sooner but sometimes it doesn’t hit you until you really need it to).

Every thing I read said we may need to let him cry it out. I braced myself and asking a lot of my friends who have babies what they did helped me make my decision as well. I let him cry it out during his second nap and it was BRUTAL! He cried for a total of 30 minutes and I checked on him every 10 minutes to reassure him. However, at bedtime he slept much easier with crying for less than 5 minutes. I am hoping for an easier night because now my anxiety is through the roof!

Have you ever sleep trained any of your babies? Any helpful tips for me to try? Please leave a comment so I can test it out!


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