Baby’s first Santa Experience 

Happy Sunday folks! Today we went for our first ever Santa pictures. My husband and I have never as kids done them but we knew we wanted to start our own traditions once we bring new life into this world.

It made me so happy to do something like this because I always envied kids in my class who got to do that with their parents when I was in school. I love these little things that I get to do with my son. 

Now I wish the experience went smoothly but it didn’t! once my son realized that neither his mom or dad were holding him in their lap, he just had to turn around to see who it really was. He’s already scared of white beards and seeing Santa’s white beard right above his face really scared him! 

Hopefully, next year will be better but I love the pictures the photographer was able to capture from today. It was also nice to see other parents out with their kids all dressed up for pictures. There was such happiness in the air and it made me forget the stresses that the holidays usually bring! 

Check out one of our favorites below 🙂

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